Can I get BUBUWARES products for my retail store?

Yes, you can! Please contact us at info@bubuwares.com for more details.

Can I purchase your products if I am outside of Canada?

Yes, you can! We ship across North America. However, additional shipping costs may apply. Please contact us at info@bubuwares.com for more information.

Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase our products directly through us. Please email us at info@bubuwares.com to inquire.

Can I purchase your products for personal use?

Individual retail sales will be available by summer of 2022.

Do you offer sample packs?

Yes, we offer samples to corporate customers.  Please fill out the form with the link provided below and we will get back to you.

Does the process of manufacturing the straws cause pollution?

Our products do not cause water pollution as they are bonded with starch and processed at 200 degrees Celsius with low carbon emissions.

What certifications does BUBUWARES have?

Please refer to the link below.


Are there colour options for the straws?

Our products inherit the original colours of the natural bamboo fibres, therefore, they do not come in any other colours.

Are the straws patented?

Our one of a kind dry processing technology is currently patent-pending.

Where are your straws manufactured?

Our straws are manufactured in Taiwan.

What temperatures can the BUBUWARES straws be used for and does it dissolve or melt easily?

BUBUWARES straws are made from high density bamboo fibre and is heat resistant for up to 100 degrees Celsius.  It is meant for commercial single time use but can be multiple use in households.  It does not dissolve or melt in your cold nor hot drink and maintain its shape until you finish enjoying your beverage.

Why did you choose bamboo as your straw material and what are the advantages?

We chose bamboo as our main material because of its sustainability.  Unlike trees, bamboo reaches maturity in 3 years, therefore collecting the adequetely benefits the bamboo ecology.

Does your straws come individually wrapped? Can I customize the wrapping?

Our straws come in both wrapped and unwrapped versions.  You can find wrapped verison for Regular Straws (6mm * 210mm / 6mm * 230mm), Smoothie Straws (8mm * 210mm / 8mm * 230mm), and Bubble Tea Straws (12mm * 210mm / 12mm * 230mm).  Please contact us at info@bubuwares.com if you would like to discuss customization options.

How eco-friendly is the disposal of BUBUWARES straws and how long does it take for the straws to degrade?

The straws can be disposed into the green bin directly.  They produce very low levels of CO2, is non-toxic and odorless. It can biodegrade withi 6 months in a natural environment or buried under soil.  Results may vary when performed under difference environments.